Basics of Drawing


We have created a course that every artist needs! This course is the foundation that is required in absolutely any paint. It contains all the basic principles of drawing:


  • The basic laws of composition and construction of complex elements
  • Creating different textures with a pencil
  • Creating three-dimensional space on a flat sheet with a simple pencil
  • Making the right lighting in the work

After each lesson, you will complete small homework assignments - seven homework assignments await you in the course:


Task 1 - Create three studies with four objects each. Assemble the objects taking into account the acquired knowledge.

Task 2 - Create the texture of paving stones and wool.

Task 3 - Draw your view from the window, using the knowledge gained.

Task 4 - Create your tone scale-"ruler" and disassemble two landscapes by tone from the materials for the lesson.

Task 5 - Create an urban landscape based on the acquired knowledge of aerial perspective.

Task 6 - Create an urban landscape based on the knowledge gained about linear and aerial perspectives.

Task 7 - Create the landscape discussed in the lesson.

Darya Mitta

Daria Mitta is a watercolor artist with higher art education based in Amsterdam. She has a wealth of experience in painting, graphics, and design. About seven years ago, she finally fell in love with watercolor. With her creativity, she draws attention to the world around him, in which beauty always lives!


She actively combines work with the further development of her skills, draws a lot for himself, and participates in exhibitions. She teaches watercolor both in the format of permanent courses and in the form of masterclasses. She currently lives in Amsterdam.

Instructor's Works
Course Program
1 Lesson 1. Composition
You'll learn how to position objects on a paper correctly.
You'll find out where the horizon line should be located.
You'll learn how to create harmony at work.
You'll discover how to apply the golden ratio principle o in work.
Lesson duration: 23 minutes.
Homework after the lesson.
2 Lesson 2. Textures
You'll learn the basic types of hatching.
You'll discover how to create textures using various techniques.
You'll find out why you need to control the pencil's pressure.
Lesson duration: 56 minutes.
Homework after the lesson.
3 Lesson 3. Form
You'll learn how to create the shape of an object while maintaining its proportions.
You'll learn how to maintain symmetry when building objects.
You'll discover how to arrange objects in work harmoniously.
You'll create a landscape with several objects.
Lesson duration: 36 minutes.
Homework after the lesson.
4 Lesson 4. Tone
You'll learn what tone is and why it is so important.
You'll create tonal stretch for work.
You'll learn how to make your work contrast.
You'll discover how to create illuminated objects.
Lesson duration: 11 minutes.
Homework after the lesson.
5 Lesson 5. Aerial Perspective
You'll learn what aerial perspective is for and how to apply it in your work.
You'll earn how to apply various hatching techniques when creating a work.
You'll discover how to create space in work: to convey the foreground and background.
You'll create a multifaceted mountain landscape.
Lesson duration: 34 minutes.
Homework after the lesson.
6 Lesson 6. Linear perspective
You'll learn what a vanishing point is and how to find it.
You'll learn how to use linear and aerial perspectives when creating a landscape.
You'll discover how to position people at work properly.
You'll create an urban landscape with people.
Lesson duration: 38 minutes.
Homework after the class.
7 Lesson 7. Lightning and Shading
You'll learn how to arrange objects on a sheet properly.
You'll discover how to create the proper lighting in work.
Lesson duration: 36 minutes.
Homework after the lesson. 
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Paper (any sketchbook), pencils (B, 2B, 3B), eraser.

What You Will Create
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2 When can I start my classes?

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3 How online classes work in your school?

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If the course is with teacher support, you complete the lesson's tasks, take photos of your work, upload it to your gallery, and write a message to the course teacher. The teacher checks your work, gives feedback, and opens access to the next lesson.


If the course is without teacher support, go through the lessons step-by-step, and feel free to upload your work to the gallery or personal social networks. But don't forget about our contests — be sure to mark your work with a special hashtag of the course!

4 How do I receive teacher feedback?

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In courses without teacher support, feedback is not provided.

5 Is it okay for me to start online learning with zero drawing experience?

Yes, our courses are designed for those who have never drawn and those who already draw. The level of difficulty of the course is indicated in its description. In our hearts, we believe that everyone can learn to draw — choose a course for beginner and start creating with us!

6 Can I watch videos after the course ends?

Our school has courses with time-limited access to lessons and with unlimited access. The course with unlimited access to lessons will always be in your account. You can watch them from any device at your convenience. Access to courses with a time-limit will be closed after the end of the course. If you don't have time to complete the course, we usually sell it later with unlimited access to the lessons; just visit our site!

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