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Anna Tarnavskaya

I studied at the "Basic Course of Watercolor Painting" with Anastasia Kustova and now am very happy! I have been trying to cope with watercolors for a long time, with varying success. This course helped me become more knowledgeable in theory and more confident in practice. Anastasia shared the nuances that need to be considered when choosing art materials; we got acquainted with various techniques of working with watercolors and worked them out on exercises and full-fledged completed works. Anastasia presents the material in great detail and competently, quickly checks the results sent to her, and comments on them in great detail. All Anastasia's recommendations were handy. We should also note the technical side of the training: the video tutorials were shot very efficiently, the website and personal account are easy to use. The important point is that all the lessons I have completed remain with the students to review them again and practice.

I look forward to new online courses in watercolors!


I really liked the course of Anastasia Kustova, now I follow her on instagram and get inspired by her works! Her lessons are interesting and rich. Special thanks to the inspectors! They motivate you to redraw, train and achieve what was intended. I wouldn't redraw the same thing so many times myself. As a result, I have a whole portfolio of beautiful and diverse works!


I want to thank You for a very interesting and useful course. Despite the fact that there are only five tasks, they contain all the main techniques and give very good practice. I liked everything very much: both explanations and fair comments. I feel like I have become a little bolder and more confident in watercolors ;) I will look forward to new courses! Thanks. Good luck! ;)


Course "Urban landscapes". What I really liked:

1) Subject of the course. I love beautiful buildings and city sketches, but I was always afraid to start them — there was no prospect of friendship, what colors to use — it is unclear, the number of saved photos with landscapes exceeded fifty...and here is the perspective, and London, and Istanbul. Who would refuse such a thing!

2) Presentation of the material. Everything is structured, logical, with an explanation of what errors can be and how to avoid/correct them.

3) Many different techniques and knowledge that will be useful when working independently. For example, a set of colors that you can use to draw a city on a Sunny day (with trees, shadows, and even people!).

4) And by the way, the atmosphere! I think I've figured out how to convey a Sunny day at noon and a Sunny day that's going down! In general, I am delighted and advise this course to everyone.

Mariea Thomas

This was my Saturday adventure. 

Followed class on @artprichal to do this magical sunset sailboats. 
It was a very detailed session. What I liked most about this class is I got to see the creative process of the artist. From analyzing the reference picture, choosing what elements to keep, what to ignore. The decisions and the reasoning. And the best part - how to create the magic. 
And boy what magic it is!

Thanks a ton for this class. And thanks to Trupti @truptikarjinni for recomending this class in her stories. There are two more lessons in this series. Will try it in the coming weeks. 

Svetlana Kostina

The first work on "Moods of Light: Watercolor Techniques" from in the studio @artprichal ! I took photos in the evening light yesterday and in the daytime today. Join us and write unique works with a master of watercolor landscape. So far, the lessons are available in English, but soon the course will be available with a translation. The artist draws step by step, explaining each of his actions. Even if you are not a specialist in English - everything will be clear ))) He generously shares his secrets in watercolor technique. The following two stories are even more impressive: I have always dreamed of drawing a railway and bicycles!!! But how he works with the reference, composes the composition, and interprets the plot is impressive!!!! 

Jo-Marie Barlow

“And so, this tale draws to an end. Some sailors sleep warm in their own beds tonight, embraced by grateful wives and mistresses. Others will only be remembered, lost to an eternal watery grave while in pursuit of the greatest adventures. As all explorers seek to leave this world - chasing their dreams.”

You might be surprised to know that I really struggled to finish this painting. It’s been a week of growing, and the discomfort that comes with it. Prepping my first original artwork to set sail (or rather, take flight) across International waters has me excited and nervous and at times, hyperventilating a little bit. And yet, it is (almost) done - the artwork is wrapped up as neatly and safely as I can make it at this point of my journey. Tomorrow, hopefully, will bring a successful journey to the Post Office and a final goodbye. With that task done, I was sure I would be jubilant, eager to paint, yet I very nearly chickened out of painting at all. But I did, and I trusted in the brush strokes, and gave myself permission to fail (well, tried to - that first layer of sky stole my heart and I didn’t want to “ruin” it). It could have gone either way but I really do love how this turned out! Some more practice of first lesson in the course “Moods of Light”. I just love how all the little details came together!

Eugeniya Kostikova

The second work on the course "Moods of Light: Watercolor Techniques" from This lesson is fantastic, very atmospheric! I’m glad I tried to paint it!

Olga Zakernichnaya

I finished this painting before I knew it, in a flash of inspiration. Many thanks to for this new experience and amazing course!

Truccie Scribbles

Have been a huge fan of Bhupinder Singh’s arts for ages and I was so stoked to find out he has online lessons. Just finished the 2nd lesson and I am very pleased with how my painting turned out. Thanks and @artprichal for great lessons.

Olga Zakernichnaya

This is third and last watercolor based on online lessons by I’ve been thinking lately about benefits of online lessons, besides gaining new skills. I think it is a means of fighting fears. When I follow a teacher, it’s easier for me to try something new, than when i do it alone. If not for this lesson, I’d never have used an Azo Yellow wash with blue, because I’d be scared to get grass instead if snow. Turns out, I can use it and the snow looks as it should. I hope @artprichal team will continue to collaborate with and we will see new lessons.


This course helps you to understand how to share fragmented with the objects, get rid of unnecessary detail (lifehack - pick up the paintbrush #10, there is no better #12

Shirin Dastpak

Thanks to the talented so far this is my best experience by watercolor. I loved the course that I did on @artprichal

Kristina Bru

Thank you so much for your masterclass!

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